Shedding pounds and saving money with home cooking/ Diabetes Caregivers in Newport Beach- Corona Del Mar

Eating healthy and living a life on the go is totally possible. As the fresh food trend runs strong, there are a multitude of voices on the blogosphere that show how achievable a lean and frugal lifestyle is.

Enter Leo Bautista of Zenhabits.com. He has created a list of "Great, Healthy Dineers in 10 Minutes." All can be adapted to a vegetarian diet, and are truly mouth watering. Here are a few selections:

  1. Gazpacho: Combine one pound tomatoes cut into chunks, a cucumber peeled and cut into chunks, two or three slices stale bread torn into pieces, a quarter-cup olive oil, two tablespoons sherry vinegar and a clove of garlic in a blender with one cup water and a couple of ice cubes. Process until smooth, adding water if necessary. Season with salt and pepper, then serve or refrigerate, and a little more olive oil.
  2. Herb pasta: Toss a cup of chopped mixed herbs with a few tablespoons of olive oil in a hot pan. Serve over angel-hair pasta, diluting the sauce if necessary with pasta cooking water.
  3. Eggplant & feta: Cut eggplant into half-inch slices. Broil with lots of olive oil, turning once, until tender and browned. Top with crumbled goat or feta cheese and broil another 20 seconds.
  4. Rustic tomato pasta: While pasta cooks, combine a couple cups chopped tomatoes, a teaspoon or more minced garlic, olive oil and 20 to 30 basil leaves. Toss with pasta, salt, pepper and Parmesan.
  5. Quesadilla: Use a combination of cheeses, like Fontina mixed with grated pecorino. Put on half of a large flour tortilla with pickled jalapenos, chopped onion, shallot or scallion, chopped tomatoes and grated radish. Fold tortilla over and brown on both sides in butter or oil, until cheese is melted.
A-1 Home Care takes pride in the diversity and skill level of our amazing caregivers. We match our care staff to our clients based on personality and desired specifications. If you are someone who thrives on healthful lifestyle, diet, and active days, we can arrange a caregiver who can participate with you.

A-1 Home Care is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our homecare agency is A+ rated with the BBB and a member of the National Care Planning Council.

Call 949-650-3800 for further information.


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