Piano Lessons in Aliso Viejo

Call today to set up a free meet and greet! 949-510-8703
Call today to set up a free meet and greet! 949-510-8703
Get excited about piano lessons, south Orange County, CA!
I want to help you realize the dream of piano lessons!You’ve always dreamed of learning to play the piano – of finally buckling down and taking private piano lessons with an honest to goodness TEACHER! But you’ve been afraid, hesitant.“Am I too old?”“Can older people even learn music?!”“I don’t want to look like I don’t know what I’m doing…”“Maybe I will fail!”
We’ve all been there. At a place where we felt like pursuing something, but there were a list of reasons which had kept us back – til now. How do we overcome these obstacles? I think we have to have the foresight to look into the future and evaluate what is important based on the fragility and beauty of life.For instance, when a person gets so old that they are bedridden and near to death, you don’t often hear them say “can you bring me my portfolio so I can check out my stocks just one more time?” or “can you bring in all those awards I won so I can take a good long gander at them before I kick the bucket??” or “can you get me the internet so I can go browse facebook one last time?”No. People generally on their deathbed want to be close to God, their family, and close friends – incidentally these are the important things in life. They want to listen to music – maybe to sing. They want to taste the beauty of life, because it is that beauty which makes life WONDERFUL!So, if you have been surfing Facebook a lot, remember that playing an instrument can be one of the most edifying, enriching, and fulfilling experiences you will ever partake in.So, you need piano lessons, South Orange County! That book you have looked at won’t teach you piano unless you are pretty much already an experienced musician. Those youtube videos are no good. You need a person in the room with you helping you get better. Piano lessons are FUN, if you have a great teacher. And at The Piano Studio of Karen Ramirez, I am known for being friendly, personable piano teacher!So let’s talk about piano lessons, South Orange County! You need someone further down the path to show you the path to improvement. You need to grow. I can help you do this! Contact me for a free meet and greet!
I want to be the person you turn to when searching for your next piano teacher!
Here's the link to my website-contact me today and please tell your friends!www.getlessonsnow.com/KarenRamirez


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