Dr. Sarah Russo launches SAC App, avaialble on iTunes and Google Play

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Boston area pharmacist develops, designs S.A.C. App™; released on iTunes and Google Play under Sarahbellum LLC


BOSTON, MA, ISSUED April 29, 2014…Boston area pharmacist Dr. Sarah Russo today announced the release of a new product, The S.A.C. App,™ which is now available on iTunes and Google Play through her company, Sarahbellum LLC.


The S.A.C. App™ (Sexual Activity Calendar) has two distinct purposes, both healthcare-related. The S.A.C. App™ allows the user to securely store and update personal health and wellness information by using it with an iPhone or Android. The app additionally features a sexual activity calendar that allows users to track sexual contact and personal details.


When most individuals reach the doctor's office, pharmacy, or emergency room, a common response is "I don't remember my prescriptions" or "I forgot my insurance card". The S.A.C. App™ has already stored medications, allergies, immunization dates, appointments, and all medical cards. For individuals who may be in college, dating, or recently divorced, the app has a second function: it also offers an interactive calendar feature to keep track of sexual activity and preferences. If an individual contracts a sexually transmitted disease, or if an individual has an unplanned pregnancy, the interactive calendar can provide vital information.


Earlier this month, the S.A.C. App™ was demonstrated at a Microsoft developers meeting in Cambridge, MA, sponsored by Boston Technology Corporation.


The S.A.C. App™ is competitively priced (an introductory rate of .99), pairing the convenience of easily storing and updating personal medical data with the privacy and security health information demands. Interested individuals can download the app in the ITunes store and Google Play or go to www.thesacapp.com  website and use the QR codes to quickly access the S.A.C. App™. Additionally, the App can be found by accessing either of these links:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/s.a.c/id843272978?ls=1&mt=8



The S.A.C. App™ is the creation of Dr. Sarah Russo, who earned her PharmD at the University of Connecticut and has been a practicing pharmacist in the Greater Boston area for the past eleven years. Her work with the public was the inspiration to develop, test and market this app, which is the first product that she has offered under the name Sarahbellum LLC. For additional information, look for the App on iTunes, Google Play or visit www.thesacapp.com. You may also reach the developer directly by e-mail, thesacapp@gmail.com


QR codes for IPhone or Android are attached below.


SAC QR Code Apple Store

SAC QR Code Google Play





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